Reach  25,000  

local customers 

for  only 


The Better Coupon Book delivers high-impact,  low cost 

 direct mail advertising for local businesses

in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida.


Our career advertising specialists create  eye-catching ads & offers 

that help  get local customers  to your local business. 




"We noticed

 a significant increase 

 in our sales 

from advertising

in Better Coupon Book."

                 - Terry Keith


"I believe in direct mail advertising.
 I get the best response 
with the Better Coupon Book.
                     - Troy Monpetit



 About Us 
The Better Coupon Book is a Direct Mail advertising company in Lee County. 
We offer inexpensive saturation Direct Mail advertising at just a penny per home for over 30 years!

“Our passion is to build your business.
 We get your phone ringing 
 and your door swinging!” 
Jack Marlowe, Owner


"I have been advertising
in the Better Coupon Book for  25 years .
It's the  best return for my money ."
- Kyle Curry

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Better Coupon Book

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"I'll call you soon!" - Jack

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